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Display dynamic datas from a Gsheet in Div Block Webflow

Hi everyone,

Please find here a BETA version of my site and Here is my site “Read-Only”.

The aim of this website is to present the 5 nearest beekeepers from your area in order to recover wild swarms of bees.

For this, the person has to fulfill this form :

What I would like to do :
==> Once the form is submit, redirect to this page and present the 5 nearest beekeepers in the dedicated Div Block “Card 1”, “Card 2”, etc… according to the ZipCode (“Code postal” in French) mentioned in the form.

I do have a huge database of beekeepers in my Gsheet, and I would like to connect (embed code ?) this with Webflow and display the rights datas in the Div Block.

Is it possible ? If yes, how can I do ? Could you help me for this kind of typical script ? Let me know if you need more informations.

I would be happy to know if there is any others thread talking of this subject.

Thank you !


Someone could help me on this ?

Thanks :slight_smile: