Display category on blog post


I’ve set up a category collection for my blog posts.

How can I get the category associated with the blog post to be displayed on the post?

Thank you

Create a Ref field from your Post to your Category, and assign a category to each post.
Then in your Posts-bound collection list, you can easily select fields from the Ref’d category collection item such as name and color.

Hi Memetican,

I created the reference field from my post category and assigned a category to each post.

I’m not sure about the other step you provided.

Oh yeah,

I figure it out.

You were helpful but what I need to do was:

Yes, you bind it the same way you bind all of your element settings.
I’m guessing you might be using a template and unfamiliar with the basics of the CMS and collection lists?

These will help;

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You’re correct, this is all very new to me. Thank you for your help.