"Display:block" breaks interactions (slider trigger: slide into / out of view)

Site: vanderhall-las-vegas

For some reason, when I add a “wait” step to my interaction, the interaction stops and never resumes.
@Waldo @danro

Hi @thewonglv thank you so much for sending this over. We’re looking into it and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

It looks like you already have a work around in place, it looks like the event before the “wait” step was hanging and the remainder of the interaction wasn’t running after the wait step.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information on this update.

Turns out it is “display:block” that is causing the trouble via @danro

Do we have any eta on a possible fix?

I’m Working on a “lazy load” type effect by applying display:none → display:block on scroll to an element with a child BG image

see (https://www.royaltyexoticcars.com/cars/rent-a-2017-lamborghini-huracan-convertible-yellow) for an example of this lazy-load-ish type setup.

@danro @waldo any update on this?

@thewonglv thanks for reaching out! We’re still working on a fix for this, I’ll post an update as soon as we’ve pushed an update to resolve the issue.

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@danro any update on this?

@danro are these bug posts being monitored?

Hey @thewonglv, yep we are monitoring this and all bug posts. This particular issue has been tough to fix, and I’m afraid we might not be able to do so with our current IX implementation. In terms of your original use case, I would recommend you look into an alternative lazy-loading library instead of creating it ad-hoc using interactions.

thanks for the reply @danro! thought i lost you for a sec.

to clarify:
using IX’s to change an element’s “display” setting is not currently working and is not going to be fixed?

if so, then does this affect all websites on webflow? i remember it being pretty common (changing the display settings from “none” to “block”)

if this is the case:
(1) do we have an eta on when an alternative will be available? (e.g. IX 2.0)
(2) do you know of any lazy load plugins that may work well?

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