Display and organize dynamic elements


I have two questions about the way dynamic elements works.

I am working on a family tree system with many generations. I have to represent many families so I made 2 collections : Members (with all the informations from each member : living dates / pictures / gender / etc…) and the family tree. So I’m making a page with a family tree and i put a dynamic list in it. Each row represent one generation and each generation uses a multi-reference with all the members from that generation in it.

So my two problems are :

  • I can only use 3 generation as I can only link 3 references.

  • And when I display the members in it they are gonna be displayed either verticaly, or if I use float left they are all gonna be stuck to one side. I want my elements to be horizontaly organized but centered.

If anyone have suggestions about that it’ll be great.

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