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Discrepancy with Windows and Mac chrome, also safari from chrome?

Hi folks. I wonder if someone could help me on a current project I’m working on. I’m just playing about with ideas at the moment and not made it responsive yet, but when checking the layout on safari and also from mac to windows, both on chrome, the website starts misbehaving. Images are and options are not being displayed. On windows, it just seems to stutter about. Would anyone be kind enough to check this and get back to me.

Many Thanks,

30 MB websites have a way of messing with browser rendering especially with custom JS running animations. To debug something like this you have to strip away the layers (block scripts) to see what is affecting which browser.

Hi Dev. Thanks for getting back to me. Ooft, this might get messy with being new to coding! I’ll give it a try though.

Is there a threshold you generally try to keep it under to prevent such problems in the future? Also, is that through settings you check the size? Surely it can’t be 150MB for this? Is that right?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I do all of my reviews and inspection using browser dev tools. As for limits that depends on your audience. For a local business in NYC I can leverage the fact that 5G is ramped up there and unless they trying to serve a national audience local is where it at. Regional business I need SPEED. So 2-3MB loads are the max where speed is required because the audience (55+% on mobile) is still 3 or 4G.

I build very optimized sites that score very well due to the choices I make. Performance tuning is about choices and good practices, not all of which Webflow follows. I wish you all the success with your project.

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Hi ‘Jeff’ Sorry my apologies.

I get what you’re saying. A balance between design and function/performance. I have noticed websites performing a lot more in terms of movement/interactions/images etc, yet run super smooth. This is something I need to research and learn well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. Very much appreciated. I’ll also check out the various inspection options.

Thanks again.