Discrepancy between published and designer view


I’m noticing something a little weird with one of my pages. The placement of the logo is different from what I’m seeing in the designer and in preview.

Here is what it looks like in preview:

And this is what I see in an incognito chrome browser after publishing:

As you can see, it’s positioned much higher in the preview.

The position is where I want it on the published site, however to get there I had to push it around blindly until I got it where I wanted it. The same thing was happening for tablet and mobile views. This has not happened on any other pages, but the layouts are different so that is likely why.

Does anyone know why something like this might be happening?


Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/tara-odorizzis-first-project?preview=65349bf4ce4f9d988360c82aca1342b8

You added two screenshots that are the same - so its hard to know the problem.

@Siton_Systems sorry about that! I just updated the post with the second image I meant to include.

My goal is to keep the logo fixed in place as the content below scrolls above it, which I’ve achieved with absolute positioning, though I’m sure there may be a better way.