Disappearing image

Hi all,

Wondering if someone could tell me why my landing page image disappears when I scroll further down the page in Edge browser.

This only appears to happen in Edge. I scroll to the bottom of the page and with my mouse pointer over the footer note and then scroll back to the top but the landing image has gone.


Public link http://monitor-6.webflow.io



Hi all,

I’m still struggling with this one, any ideas?

Hey @peted83 this site is looking great! :smiley:

How about trying a height of 100vh instead of 100% for Sector Columns (literally type in 100vh into the height style field)


Hi Waldo,

As the site is currently working I’m going to leave it as it is but i’ll bear the ‘VH’ in mind for when I work back through to tidy aspects up.

Do you have any idea why the image disappears in Edge?


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