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Disabling Transition between two animations

I have a trigger on a button “on Mouse click” with two animations

to the first animation let the menu enter from the right side into the screen
the second animation move the menu out to the left side

so on the first click The menu enter from the right side into the screen
And on the second click the menu leave the screen, out to the left side

but when I click again it seems to have transition back from the left to the first position

is it possible that I wouldn’t get transition between the last position to the first ?
I mean, that it always will enter from the right and leave to the left ?

10x :tulip:

Hey Amir!

You’ll find the solution to your problem by adding an additional keyframe to the second click animation. After the menu moves off the left side of the screen, add a keyframe setting the position back to the initial location from the beginning of the first animation, with a duration of 0. This will revert the menu back to the proper location - what was happening before is the last known location of the menu had been on the left side, and had not been returned to the start for the first animation.