Disabled eCommerce pages

I have purchased a Business site plan and created a CMS Website, but it also shows eCommerce pages in my sitemap, how can disabled??

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Unfortunately it isn’t possible to remove Ecommerce from your Webflow project.

But, if you aren’t using Ecommerce, you can go to the hosting tab of your project and downgrade to CMS or Basic hosting. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You won’t be able to use white labeling with this project because of Ecommerce
  • You can only downgrade to Basic hosting if there are no CMS collections within the site

If you need to have a project without Ecommerce, you can use cross-site copy and paste as well as the export and import feature of Webflow CMS to migrate your work to a new project without Ecommerce enabled.

Hopefully that helps!

Thank you! for your response, but I can’t possibly downgrade my plan because we are using the business plans feature. Any other option disabled eCommerce pages because in google search and sitemap also show eCommerce pages.

Ah yes! Are you on the business plan currently? If not you should be able to change to that once your checkout is disabled.

You could add the code to the product pages head code.
Bit of a tutorial here: Remove content from Google's index | Webflow University

If you’re using site search, you mite also want to exclude those pages too: Site search | Webflow University

Hopefully that helps!

yeeha! This solution is worked. but still one issue is pending, eCommerce pages are still shown on the sitemap.xml file. How can remove it?

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You’ll have to also add that code to each page header. It will still show in the sitemap.xml file, but should be ignored by Google.

It’s not possible to exclude pages from the sitemap.xml unless you create your own custom one.