Disable webflow form validation

Hi! I use Webflow only for the design and export code. I have my own server side with system form validation, so I need to develop in Webflow only design forms without unnecessary features. How do I do this?

P.S. I’m sorry for my english)

Hi, if you want to create a form with no field validation then you can do the following:

  1. Drag new form element to page. By default there will be name and email address field. Delete the email address field (label is optional, you can just rename that if you still need that label).
  2. Drag a new form Input field to the location of the email address field you just deleted… by default the field name is “Field”. You can change this name to whatever you want. double click on the new input field, and uncheck the “Required” check box. Also remember to do this on any other field you also do not want required…
  3. Next select the form wrapper element (the top level form element) and go to form settings and set the “Action” field to a tick mark + a hashtag, so that no action is performed on the form when it is submitted. If you however want to put in a url to some other form processor that you will use on your own site, you can do that too…

The tick mark and hashtag looks like: `#

as a way to force Webflow to accept more custom links in the future, you can prefix any text with the “backtick” character, which is Shift + ~ on most Macs, and appears left of the 1 key. I can’t post the character in this forum because it acts as an escape character for code, but it looks like this:

After you do these things, save and publish your site… you can test the form with no validation if you just click on the form submit button with NO form fields filled out… the page should just reload itself, with no action taken…

This is one method to do this, there may be others I am not aware of :smile:



So that disables the form. But how do you prevent the page from refreshing? I’d like to style the forms in Webflow and prepare the exported code to make it easy for our developers to use the forms on a .Net server… They’re having problems with webflow.js though.

Hi @DrewPalko, I am not sure why the page is refreshing, it does not do that if you take an export from Webflow and view the site locally. Perhaps there is something about the integration? Do you have a published example?

At the moment, we do not have a developer api, so I cannot really advise on the .net integration with webflow.js. Cheers,

In webflow.js set

  // Webflow form
  //if (siteId) { data.handler = submitWebflow; return; }

  // Alert for disconnected Webflow forms

and in index.html delete data-wf-page="" and data-wf-site=""

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