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Disable Slides om Slider

Hi :wave:,
I’d like to disable some slides on this project, as they are for different occasions and shouldn’t be visible at all times. How can I do that, as it tells me I can’t?

Thanks for all answers beforehand,
N. Arnaudov

What is your share link? A few thoughts without it. If we are talking in a collection you can set the item to draft until you want to use it. As far as client control this might be the easiest. If an item is in draft mode it won’t show up on the published site. The other method is to filter the particular slides out. But if a client wants to change this in the future they would require someone to use the designer to do it. It can’t be accessed from the editor

my share link was put under “this”, but here it is again: Webflow - JGR Köln
I do not use a collection list, as I a) have not figured it out (yet) and b) Text’s are variable/don’t have to be used sometimes, as sometimes it isn’t an Article that is liked blablabla,
using the Designer isn’t a big deal, as the site will be managed by somebody assigned, who will have to use the designer anyways.

I apologize didn’t see the blue on “this”. What part of the site are you referring to? You do have some collections on here. If it’s an item you don’t want showing the easiest would be to set it to display - none.

No problem, on the homepage, the slider, there are a few slides for Christmas, Graduation, etc., that should only be visible during the seasons, and I can’t set the display to none on the slide itself.

Okay never paid much attention to the webflow Slider for that. So no, it appears you can’t natively hide a slide. one thing I can’t test on my end but a thought it to give the slides ID’s. Then in the head set the css style to display: none Other option would be to create a collection and use a js workaround , to create a custom CMS slider and then set the items to draft or a toggle on/off. Setting page CSS ID styles might be the easiest option though if you can overwrite weblow styles. Let me know if that makes sense.

I will have to try that out later!