Disable slider gestures

Guys, how are you?

First, here is the link for the project preview: Webflow - LP via

Here the published version (it will be better to see how it works): https://lp-via.webflow.io/

NOTE: Some CSS adjustments are only available in the published version.

All the adjustments I need to make are in the tablet and mobile version.

I created a slider with several slides for a landing page project, the idea is to work as if it were fullpage.js. I use the “cross fade” effect (which is best suited for the transition of the slides). The problem is that this effect has “infinity repeat slides” active and does not allow deactivating it, which makes the first slide, sliding to the left, goes to the last and the same happens on the last slide, shifting to the right , go back to the first.

Is there a way to prevent this infinite slide in the “cross fade” effect or block the slide to the left for the first slider and slide it to the right on the last slide?


I’m trying to do a similar thing with my webpage. Did you manage to figure it out?