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Disable scroll zoom on Google Maps


Does anyone know how to do just that?

I feel like the UX of my site is affected quite badly by this Scroll Zoom feature on google map, particularly on mobile where it is hard to get through the maps as it zooms out instead of scrolling to the bottom of the page.

I checkd around but could find any useful solution within the webflow environment.

If anyone had a solution to this it’d be very helpful.


Hi @mattia !

One thing you might try from a non-code solution, is to put your map in a parent element that has relative position. Then put another div inside that parent element on the same level as the map.

Give the new div a class with height and width set to 100%, with the div set to absolute position, set to full cover and a higher z-index than the map widget. This way the div will be on top of the map widget and the top div should get the scroll focus, not the map.

It is one thing to try out. If you have a read-only link and screenshots, it will help :slight_smile:





It worked.
That was easy!


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