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Disable responsive


I’d like to disable responsive.

Is it possible ?



just an honest question…

… why?

Because it doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices and I don’t have time to fix it

Currently we don’t have a way of doing this, but we plan on making it possible we build a custom grid system.

Can I disable responsive now ?


I guess you still haven’t worked out the mobile responsive issue ?

Why not just create a section (visible only for mobile devices) that has a container and some text stating

  • mobile version not currently available.

On the mobile version… you hide everything else except this section.

On desktop version… you show everything but hide the mobile message.

oops… that response was suppose to go to @jasonshow and @laurentdesserre

Hi, Another option is that you can also just create fixed width divs and put your content in those divs. Then size your divs according to the different breakpoints as you need those.