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Disable / Reset mobile view
I would prefer to turn off the mobile view for all pages and have my site load the same whether its PC or tablet or smart phone. If i can’t turn that off, can you please reset the view. I feel like i can rearrange the content however i cant rearrange only the mobile view. Pictures, text, logo gets squeezed into page…

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You cannot do that in webflow. It is built to be responsive. As far as i know, no matter what you do, elements will scale to fit the width of the device and will not allow you to pinch and zoom unless you set a manual width which will likely be necessary for every element on your site. Definitely not worth it in my opinion. Why not just make your site responsive?

Can you help with copying the menu bar from all the other pages to match the home page. I try several times and I can’t get it to work. I would like the home page to match all the other pages with the menu icon.

You can do that very easily by creating a symbol of your navbar and adding it to every other page. By doing this any changes you make to that symbol are instantly reflected on the other pages.

Other than that, I am available for hire to help with whatever you need. My rate is $50/hr.

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