Disable publishing access on Team Plan

  • In team plan, can we disable publishing access to other team members? Do we have any option, where we can specify which user/team member should have access for publishing the site?

  • I have recently encountered a problem where one team member (owner) publishes the site with contents & the other team member (designer) doesn’t know about the changes that were made by the owner. So he had a different approach in design & he made some changes to the design layout & the website got disturbed.

  • If there is no option like that then, it would be better for the owner to have an option where he can specify which team member will work with the live publishing access & which team member will work with staging access. So the one working on the staging, will get the approval from the owner before it’s being published.

None of the features you are looking for exist. You have to handle operations outside of the site.

The team plan is ridiculously weak on features and expensive for what it does provide. Webflow should really put some effort into flushing it out. I am tired of paying for it since I have no RBAC over team members.