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Disable Post-Processing CSS Classes

Is there a way to disable post-processing of CSS classes? This is happening right now and it is really not required IMO.

w-100 becomes _w-100 (Added an underscore if only 1 character before dash)
w-1/2 becomes _w-1-2 (Slash is converted into dash)

These are all classes used in tailwind css and should be allowed in Webflow. Any reason why they are post processed?

@pxwee5 - Webflow prefixes core CSS classes with w- so I am assuming that they wrote a rule to change class names that are prefixed the same to _w. I doubt this will change. You could always add this to the wishlist.

Yeah I figured that it must have clashed with Webflow’s prefix.

IMO Webflow’s class prefix should be more complicated so that it can’t easily clash with other utility classes.

wf-embed or wfw-embed would be much appreciated and more clash-proof.