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Disable pages in google search

i used the template Store Starter - Business HTML5 Responsive Website Template
However, i didnt see that it was the store version and now i have all the ecommerce templates etc on my page. When i search in google for the site, the product pages etc show up. even though i deleted them all, and added noindex in each head and even did a disallow: /product/ on my site. How can i delete them permanently and not have them show up on google searches?

Over time Google anyway re-index your site.

Pre step is too check if you really remove those pages ( should lead to 404 page).

To speed up the process - Under google search console:

  1. Re submit weblow generate sitemap
    Sitemap | Webflow University

  2. Use the manual action - removal tool:
    Google Search Console

  1. Add 301 (from the “unwanted” page to relevance page).
    301 redirects | Webflow University

** clear cache

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