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Disable magnify zoom script on mobile

Hello, I implemented a script on my website from a webflow tutorial to use a magnifier for zooming into an image.
This is the tutorial:

This is the script I copied:

Is it possible to disable this script on mobile devices?

I have found a frw links online but they all require to understand the code. I don’t have a good knowledge on custom code.

Can someone help me?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - artSpydr eCommerce

Yes with custom code you can control which scripts are loaded based on device media queries or viewport width. When you don’t code it’s best to either hire someone who does or avoid using anything that requires it.

Hello, Thanks for your reply. I see a lot of requests in the Webfow Forum from users that require custom code and a lot of users are happy to share or help people like me that don’t know how to code.

I guess I’ll try to find a solution by myself or asking for a professional help.

The Last Post in the topic Disable Script when using mobile demonstrates how to only load a script when a device or screen size is greater then a specific breakpoint. Feel free to copy it and adjust as needed.

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Thanks for your help