Disable Indexing option no longer available?!

I just found there is no longer option to disable sub domain indexing, is it a bug? if not it is a major problem if we can´t disable it, as any post in the forum, links, info related to the site (which is in process)… will be easily accessible and this is not nice.

Please could you give us some feedback?.


What is going on here? Where was the official announcement or warning for this?

It even affects older sites, so if I wanted to alter and test a current site I now have to set up a sitewide password for it in order to stop it being indexed, or take out hosting?

We have over 150 sites with Webflow that we are constantly amending and testing for clients, this is a major headache.

Hello! Give me approved to the forum please

Hi everyone, this was a bug that crept out while fixing another one. We’re fixing this setting for users on Pro/lite/team plans. Free users won’t have access to this setting. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for your patience!

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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for the clarification Bryant.

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