Disable Design Control Request Feature

Hopefully the title makes sense. It seems like at some point in the last week or two, a new feature was added, that allows only one instance of designer to be open, with design control.

A typical workflow for me is to have a project open in two separate windows, for instance Project X open on one computer display, then a second instance of Project X open, in another browser window, on computer display 2. Prior to the recent change, I could have both instances open, copy from one instance to the other, without issues.

Now, when I do the same, the active window has design control, the inactive window has view control. When I switch to the opposite window/instance, I have to select ‘design here’. I then have to click on design here, and scroll back down through elements to select an element I want to copy. Then, when I go back to the other instance I have to request design control there, and scroll back through the elements to select where I want to paste.

This really slows down the workflow. Additionally, every now and then it causes the web flow project to think the pasted element(s) are being copied from a different project, so webflow renames the classes. I have to undo and repeat the process.

It is a feature that certainly helps avoid some potential problems, when you start working on a project that hasn’t been updated in the current window. But, for the informed webflow user, used to a multi-window workflow, this is nearly a deal breaker. It has severely slowed me down in the past week.

I’m hoping there is an off button for this feature.

Can anyone tell me if and how I can turn this new feature off?


Was thinking about the exact same thing last week. Your post is spot on! I’ve also experienced workflow disruptions recently due to this. It’s kinda funny how I have to request design control from myself! :joy:

I’m also curious to know how to disable this feature.
Thank you in advance. :raised_hands:

I also second this! It was so much better without it for me, I understand it’s cool for teams, but I am working on my own and totally don’t need it!!

I need a solution for this. It’s been months now working like this. It’s annoying… How can we make this request a priority? :sweat_smile:

This was a horrible decision to enforce this on everyone. It has slowed my workflow by 300% Why not allow to turn on or turn off? If this isnt fixed Im forced to look for a new platform which I dont want to do…

Please o please, I need this to exists so bad. I understand that for teams might be a great way to keep control over their workflow and versions, but o my… as a solo designer/founder it’s so, so, SO painful to keep request control to myself as I move around my website builder….

How can we make this request move up? :frowning: