Direction aware hover?

I am wondering if anyone knows if it possible to achieve direction aware Hover in Webflow. I have always found it to be a neat design feature in galleries.

thank you

are you talking about this?

If so, you’ll need to put in some custom code to your design:


IMO - it’s nice and all, but it’ll get cliched real quick. Just like those old Apple “Web 2.0” buttons like this

yup :slight_smile: that’s cool. Try following the tutorial here.

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Thanks Pixel, being new adding code may be slightly advanced for me at this point. Although looking at the css it makes sense. I created the original gallery on my site by copying and pasting elements. I guess an unordered list would make much more sense. For webflow is it better to take the whole custom code and insert it css and jquery or design the elements with webflow and then add the custom jquery code?


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