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Directing/forwarding email to another email address

Hello, We have a website called And we have an email address But, we would like to make our email address to be instead/as well. Can you please instruct on how we connect the two emails so that the client emails, but we receive the email in our hotmail account. Thank you!

Hi @Snowglobe

If you mean situation when customer sending a message from you site, using webflow form (built by you) , then you can find this options on your site’s dashboard (tab - Forms)

“A comma separated list of emails to send form submissions to. Leave empty if you don’t want emails to be sent.”

Hope it helps, cheers,

Hi there, thanks for that. I don’t think that is what I mean…

I only want guests to email But, I want to receive the emails in my ‘hotmail’ account. I have not set up the address yet, but I want the two addresses linked somehow.

Thank you.

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