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Hi guys

I’m new to WF so forgive the question as I try to understand the new methods.

In essence, I would like to create a database where one item which has a different value/name in various instances (but always the same relativity) can be entered once in a Content Item but rendered with all options or a selection of options.

For example:
If reporting on a storm, a field might be “Wind Speed”. Now there are different measures - meters per second, kmph, mph, knotts

100ms = 360kph = 223.7mph = 194.4kts

I want to enter 100ms in the CMS but then dynamically display the other values when viewing the live page.

Any ideas?

Hi @trystan,

Webflow does not have a unit converter, so I’m afraid you will have to enter the values manually in different fields.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Rohan

Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t looking for a converter, I was more asking if there was a clever way to create the data once and then pull the other fields from that “table” on demand.
In the above example, if my unit of standard is MS and break points are every 10ms I could pre populate a table something with the equated other values that correspond to that speed.

Then in each new post that I create, I want a field where I select the breakpoint unit in my standard unit (IE I only need to do this in MS) - from a drop down list for eg.
Then, either in another field in the “create-post” view or in the rendered final product, the other units fields auto populate based on referencing my input field.

Thanks again

Nudge…anybody with a suggestion?