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Dilema: Static Pages vs. CMS vs. modals & flexible content structure

Hi guys! Just launched my first Webflow project and unfortunately I’m not celebrating, because I just found out about a huge Webflow handicap.

This is my scenario:

  • The client is a notary with over 120 different services
  • Instead of developing 120 static pages for the services, I’ve decided to go for the CMS, which is also recommended by the community, also because Webflow is limiting to max. 100 static pages
  • The structure of the content of the services is not exactly the same, which is why I had to use “Conditional Visibility”
  • I’m also loading different modals in each service page, because I didn’t know how to implement them in the CMS

The website is know online with the first 7 services. The Webflow Designer is already heavily breathing with that amount of content and loading times are still acceptable, but kind of high compared with other pages.

One of the problems: the Conditional Visibility is just adding a display:none, loading all the content of the modals and the 7 services. I guess if I try to upload all the 120 services, Webflow is going to ban me forever for making their servers explode.

Does anyone have a recommendation or best practice advice here? How should I structure the content here?

Here is the read only-link:

Please help me here, I’m kind of losing hope.

Kind regards to all

The current Conditional Visibility implementation is best used for simple situations because—as you’ve realized—it only applies a display: none to the content that isn’t “visible” on any given page. Ideally this would prevent the section from rendering in the DOM so hopefully this is something that’s changed at some point, but until then you’ll need to address the problem differently than you are now.

That said, I would think there’s a easier way to organize your CMS content however I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the relationship between the different Services and the content you’re hiding. From what I can see you’re relating this hidden content based on the title of the collection item which will make it very tedious to update this content down the road.

Does each Service have it’s own set of unique content that will be shown on this page or is there some overlap from one Service to another? Are you able to provide any extra detail here as far as organization?