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Digiwedo - Changing the world through conscious design

Hey guys,

So, the moment of truth. We’ve finally got enough of it together for it to be worth showing to people. Without saying too much, I would love to hear what you have to think and receive some (constructive) criticism on any and all aspects of it.

We’ve got some plans in the making to really take it to the next level with hand-drawn illustrations and pattern-work.

We’ve only just set up in Leeds, UK, and have found some creative space to work in temporarily until we get one of our own.

Many thanks in advance.



Nice work mate, just as a little feedback, what were your reasons and intentions with your color pallet choices?
The animations that are just whole divs moving in feels a little under cooked, better off having no animation until its really awesome. Do you mind me asking where the aboriginal influence comes from?

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Hey @daniel_cleayweb

Thank you. I agree that the animations feel a little undercooked - a good way of describing it. Please feel free to be completely honest, I’m very open to hearing anything that anyone has to say.

The colours are unusual for me and it took a little while to come around to them. Originally, there was a lot more red, which is also another unusual colour for me. The green and brown really tie in with the Earth. Some of our keywords are organic, sustainable, ethical, natural. We’re only working with people who share these ideas in what they do.

The aboriginal influence, it was a strike of luck really, with the name. Didgeridoo, Digiwedo… I play the Didgeridoo, as does my friend. It’s one thing we definitely have in common, so we felt it was a strong foundation to start building on. Plus we’re both quite connected with tribal and indigenous cultures, so more than anything it represents who we are as individuals.

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Overall, I like it. Very clean. Easy to find what you need. Not too wordy. The colors are funky, but they grew on me quickly. :slightly_smiling:

While I hesitate to encourage animation just for the sake of animating, I do think your pages could use a few subtle animations to draw the eyes to important things. The page that felt the most flat to me was the Projects page. I can see adding some inner shadows or drop shadows to the image boxes. And that’s also a page begging for some movement on such a very strong grid.

A short animation on the kokopelli characters would be a nice “hey, we’re fun!” (and we know how to animate for our clients) introduction. Something like having them slide in from the right one at a time in quick succession, maybe?

You’ve got a powerful tool for animation in Webflow… why not use it?! :slightly_smiling:

Well done!! And good luck!

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To be honest, I didn’t even think about it…

I like the ideas. Will experiment with that. Made a couple of minor tweaks already…

Thank you