Digital Products + International Customers?

Creating a digital product seems straightforward enough, but are any of you selling digital products to INTERNATIONAL customers and does it work?

I also sell books on my site, but I don’t offer them for sale internationally because shipping costs don’t make sense for the price of my products.

I have been using MEMBERSHIPS beta to have a FREE ACCESS group on my site and that has been working great, but I now realize that the people signing up for that are all over the world. I am VERY nervous about making a PAID ACCESS group in beta software (and some forum posts are suggesting that they are having trouble with payments from Europe on membership paid access groups.

But I wonder if digital downloads have the same trouble with international payments?

If anyone has any war stories, advice, or suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear it.

Thanks in advance.


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For those who are looking to sell their own digital products i can recommend this guide -, which has a list of of all the best platforms for that. You must read it carefully, see all the pros and cons of every single one of them and decide what is more suitable for your own purposes. It also highly depends on the type of the product you sell and what is the most convenient way to communicate with the customers.