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Digital Goods - How do you Collect & Remit Taxes?

I’m doing initial research to decide what eCommerce platform to build my tiny digital goods shop with, but am feeling overwhelmed by all the tax stuff. (U.S. based seller)

Is there any integration or plugin out there for collecting & remitting taxes on Webflow? TaxJar has an AutoFile service for State Sales Taxes but that doesn’t include VAT and other global taxes. Do you all just do this through an accountant?

Paddle seems to solve all of these problems by being a Merchant of Record and collecting and remitting taxes on my behalf. I don’t even have to think about any of it. But then I’d have to build something custom to make that work, since it doesn’t integrate with Webflow.

What are other digital goods sellers using to collect and remit sales taxes?? Am I missing something? None of the solutions seem ideal if I’m going to use Webflow.