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Difficulty getting UseBasin to integrate with ReCaptcha

I’ve been trying for (sadly) weeks to try and integrate Use Basin with one of my webflow projects ( Right now, it is set up properly on the main site, but not with Honeypot or Google ReCatpcha and, because I’ve been getting so many spam bot submissions, I want to integrate both.

I’ve followed the Use Basin support docs as best I can, as well as reaching out to their support, and following along with the instructions here but can’t make ReCaptcha invisible.

Before going on, the read-only link is here.

I’ve put the code on the page settings (not site-wide) so you can access them easier, but where my confusion is coming in that ReCaptcha looks visible hidden, except for this white line.

So, I must be missing something in the integration, and I have NO idea what I’m missing.

Would you guys be able to help me?