Difficulty Adding Dynamic Content to Blog on Freelancer Plan

Hello Webflow community,


I’m currently using the freelancer plan and I’m having difficulty adding dynamic content to my blog. Specifically, I can’t seem to locate the collections style settings in the purple dynamic tag section of my side panel. I’ve used this feature before on a client’s site, so I’m not sure why it’s not showing up for me now.

In addition, I’m confused about the pricing packages. Although I have the freelancer plan, some sections of my site are indicating that I need to upgrade from the starter pack. I’m wondering if this means that the freelancer plan only allows for one website build.

Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. I didn’t report this as a bug because I am not sure if this qualifies. I did review the tutorial that explained this topic but the section just is not there.

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - udesign.dev)
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Thank you Michael! :pray: you helped soooo much! I completely understand now. My blog section was using a template and you hit the hammer on the nail. I removed all the collection section. (Why, I don’t know) Novice mistake. Much appreciated. One more question if you don’t mind. I have domain hosting through google domains. Do I have to purchase site hosting with webflow also?

Yes, your domain registration is a separate thing from your website hosting. You need both.