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Different ways of setting "display : none"

Hello everyone,

Let’s say I wanted to build a custom animation for a dropdown menu.
Is there any difference between setting “display : none” to the dropdown element via the style panel, or setting it as an inital state in the animation panel ?
Does it change anything in terms of loading, might create a display bug or a weird stutter ? Is there a “right” way to do this ?


No right or wrong her (Same result).

above the fold & JS. Sometimes users could notice "flickering" (Until the JS load and hide element X). Anyway, this happens only on slow sites or hide/show large files.

By “display: none” it’s really hard to style/manage/select the element - so in practice its better to use initial state.

Example her:

Okay, that’s perfect, thanks ! I didn’t know animations came from JS.
As for the hard to manage “display:none”, I feel like it would be horrendous for the client to have a big open dropdown over the pages content. Unless I miss a workaround for this problem, I’d rather use the navigator & preview to save them the trouble.