Different Type Sizes in Bullet Lists

hi everyone!
i’m trying to make sense of why the “Paragraph” type on my page differs from the type in the bulleted lists. Both are set to size 14pts w/Height at 20px, but they are visually very different. Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Your paragraphs are typo size 16px, height 23px.
List items are 14px / 20px

Where do you see that? if I select paragraph copy (within the class), it shows me 14/20px. I can’t find the size 16/23px anywhere. :thinking: am I blind?

Ha, blind, I don’t think so.
Pretty sure I can see where the confusion is coming from-

my god you’re a genius! THANK YOU.
I was treating it like a word processor so when i’d double-click into the “paragraphs” I was seeing the font size, etc. I didn’t even think to check the paragraph class/blocks THEMSELVES. :man_facepalming:t2:
and, I had NO idea that I could apply a blanket effect to nested class elements. :exploding_head: you literally just saved me about 15min of tedious busy work!

I appreciate your help AND the video. thank you!!