Different slider behavior IOS vs Android

This is a very specific task - On my personal portfolio site (www.gen.media) …you will notice that the home page hero slider has 5 slides which cycle through 5 different videos as well as individual headings that pull from a CMS. There is a gremlin, whereby on IOS devices the headings/text (and a background tile/gradient) doesn’t move with the slide. It disappears and reappears after the slide movement is complete. Note that it behaves correctly on Android devices and PC’s - look at it there to see how it is supposed to act. Also note that the first slide also behaves correctly, where as the following 4 do not. I have switched the slides around to test, and it doesn’t seem to be a bug in each individual slide, as no matter what the content, whatever is in the first slide position seems to work fine.

Here is my site Read-Only: GEN.MEDIA