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Different Size Collection Items

Hello everyone,

how can i make a collection list display like this:

Basically i want it to make the collection display items with two different non equal sizes, is that possible?

DO you have a page where you are working on this to share with us?

Hello Jonathan,

here is a live preview, i have made it using a grid but i can’t for some reason have all elements of the grid justify to the right, so every time a new work its created will automatically justify right!

I’m not really sure what you are trying to do. What are the arrows for??

They are just a gimmick mouse hover effect to “encourage” user to click on, but that’s not what i"m trying to solve!:stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m trying to do is to make the collection list align all items on the right side, so that when a new item is being added it should look like the photo I’ve posted above, instead of aligning them on the left side, if it makes any sense!:stuck_out_tongue:

OK. I found this, thanks for making me look!

BUT… when you try to add a negative number to the position, you can’t because there’s an error: Items inside dynamic lists are automatically placed.

Which seems to suggest that trying to create a RTL (right to left) web design using Webflow and grid AND CMS isn’t possible.

hmm, okay!

thank you, then i guess i’ll have to find alternative solutions then, but if by any chance i find a solution or a “work around” i’ll post it here for future reference!

Thank you!

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