Different results on same breakpoint

Hi I am building a website. I have 2 screens side by side.

One is laptop other is just a screen, but they are on the same breakpoint even that the screen is bigger.

But the results are different
Big screen:

Same part on the laptop

And even if in the edit mode I check all breakpoints, up and down I can´t get the same results that I get on the laptop. They show good as they look in the screen

How can this be? Thank you

Here is my read only

Hi, I can’t get your read-only link to work.

Hi, here it is again:

Thank you

Is it your desire to have the laptop view maintain a similar left/right margin that’s shown on the larger screen? I believe that’s the only difference.

If you’re on the large screen, and you resize your browser’s width to be skinnier, you’ll see the design will match the layout on the laptop. (Unless that screen view has some zoom level enabled)

Let me know what you’re hoping to achieve and I can give some direction on how to get there.

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Thank you. So the thing was that one section had a defined height so was messing around.
All good now :slight_smile: