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Different private area for different customer

Hi, I like create with Webflow but I need something specific and I don´t know if it is possible. I´ve read in the forum but nothing´s clear for me.

In a few weeks I have to do a webpage por a client that needs to have private areas for his clients. That private area must be different for each one of his clients. He needs to upload PDF that his client will download, one private area (name and password) for some PDF and different for each client.

I´ve been reading about authpro-webflow and it seems great, but I think it´s only possible for accessing to one private area from different customers (name and password) but not different areas from different customers.

In WP exists a plugin (WP-Customer Area) that offers what I need, but I hate WP and prefer webflow at all. I´d like to read that I don´t have to make the webpage with WP.

I hope it´s understandable because my english is not ver good. Thanks.