Different page filters on same CMS collection


I am new here, so I hope my question makes sense.

I am working on a portfolio website where I showcase 3 different skills.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Photography
  • Personal furniture design projects

To show these I Would like to have 3 different CMS driven pages

  • Home page: where you can select one of the 3 skills and go to the skill page
  • Skill page: where you can see the skill name and the projects you can go to
  • Project page: detailed info about the selected project

I currently have 2 CMS collections

  • Skill colection: filled with the 3 skills and their name and a cover photo
  • Project collection: all projects

The problem:
I Cant figure out how to filter my CMS-driven pages uniquely. So that my UX/UI page won’t show any Photography projects and my Photography page no UX/UI Projects

I already have an option field in my project collection where I indicate what skill they are so I can filter my skill page on that field

Link to the project: Read only linkt to portfolio

Hope you have some advice for me!