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Different Navigation Links according to the view in use

Hello, I tried to look for a solution around, but i couldn’t find anything useful.

I am looking for a way to set 2 different links on my navigation bar: 1 should be triggered if the site is in Desktop view, and the second when it’s tablet or lesser resolutions.

Desktop click -> Page Desktop
Mobile tap -> Page Mobile

Is that even possible?
I tried to change the link while editing the movile view, but it changes the desktop behaviour as well.


Hi @Claudio,

Yes this is possible. Just create two different links.

Sent one to be viewable on Desktop only and then set the other one to be viewable on tablet and mobile only and then change to display:none for views you dont want for both links.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Awesome, I’ll try that next, thanks for your help! @WebDev_Brandon