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Different look on preview and designer and published site

I have the issue that when I’m o preview mode everything looks good (on many breakpoints) but when I check it on published site is not. The worst thing is that on my computer it looks ok, but my boss uses the same device and web browser and on her screen there is always something wrong.
My screen (published site):

My screen (webflow preview, checked at every breakpoint that I have ):
My boss screen (published site) : The first column has another size :expressionless: I event can’t fix it because on preview and in the designer and on the published website on my device looks good. :woman_shrugging:

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey @PauliBry,

I believe the problem is persisting in the 1440px and up breakpoint. Every other breakpoint the blocks are lining up correctly but as soon as I hit that higher breakpoint (in the editor preview mode) it begins to become misshapen.

The higher I go in size the more they deform.

@PerryOptics thanks you for the fast reply. So what I suppose to do? Set a higher breakout and try to adjust to it? Is there any other solution that will look good at every screen?
Another thing is that it’s impossible that my boss has a bigger screen as we use the same device (MacBook Air) :thinking:

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that none of the div blocks have a set height and when the text stretches and shrinks (depending on the screen size) the div blocks automatically scale to fit its children?

Notice on the screenshot of your bosses screen the Basic plan has 3 lines in the description where as the rest have 4.

If you added more text to one of those plans you will notice the effect on your screen too. Try adding more lines on one of the plans and watch it scale up.

Thanks, @PerryOptics will try to play with that :sweat_smile: