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Hi dear community!

I am currently working on a client project and have implemented a few banners in the page. Initially my layout worked but now it only displays correctly in the designer anymore, as soon as I publish, the banner on the right that is supposed to be sticky suddenly gets sent to the left bottom underneath the content - does somebody have any idea why that could be the case?

Thank you very much in advance!


https://preview.webflow.com/preview/plattform-musterhauspark?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=plattform-musterhauspark&preview=e602ec86e9db65912fa82d9e6594ff68&workflow=preview ← read-only link

https://plattform-musterhauspark.webflow.io/ ← published

I think your changes hasn’t been published yet. Why don’t you try publishing again but rename subdomain to something new.

Hey abirana,

thank you for your reply - I did publish half an hour ago or so - but just to make sure, I did re-publish on a different staging domain and the issue persists.


Ok so at first I didn’t found .page-wrapper on your live site but now I found your live site has 2 body open tags. And those content are not inside the .page-wrapper which is the reason for the issue.

So I’m guessing this is because of some code you embedded but before doing that please check your custom code if there are any closing tags missing. If not then try removing those iframe code and check if that works.

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Thanks a lot! I looked through it a bit, and I must have accidentially deleted the in the header code! That fixed it.

Best regards

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Glad that I was of some help.

You have a good day.

You too, thanks a bunch! I would have never found this, because I was looking in all the wrong places :wink:

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