Different image sizes in CMS not working

Hi everyone! I have a question: I’m trying to build my portfolio page based on a project collection. I created a multiple images field, and added a collection for the project images on the project template page. Here’s the problem: All images have the same width (in preview mode, and live), even though the yellow LAGER X poster image is only 630px wide, and the width on the project image is set to 100%. The images for Buchdesign für Harald R. Fortmann are supposed to be 1100px wide (like the container is set to), but I want the yellow poster to be displayed at 630px only. Any ideas …? – Frank


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Have you considered using rich text instead?

Maybe I don’t quite understand … Rich text – for images? I’m still fairly new to this, so please be patient. :wink:

Instead of using a multimage field in your collection using a Rich Text Element or single image elements so you can control the way they behave individually.

Thanks, Aaron. That doesn’t work for me though. I decided to take another route.

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