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Different Image Files Per Screen Format?

Hi @Meowface_Sam and welcome to WF Forum. Buttons aren’t Image elements but they are build with help of HTML and CSS. I will suggest you should learn some basic of website developments at least about how HTML and CSS works. Feel free to take some courses on YT.

Thanks for getting back. My question is about the possibility of replacing an image with another for a different view…an image for desktop and a different image in its place for mobile view. Possible?

HI @Meowface_Sam yes you can achieve programatically with Javascript. If you aren’t familiar with programming you can create this effect by revealing and hiding elements on viewports.

If you are up for the custom code you can use the picture element. See → <picture>: The Picture element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

Per device view? For instance, revealing an image in desktop view, yet hiding that same image in mobile view, and vice versa?