Different hyperlink on different tabs

Hi all,

I created a page with two tabs (yearly subscription and monthly subscription).
I created on both tabs a button ‘Buy now’.

Depending on the tab I want to link these buttons to a different Stripe Payment link.
If I change the link on one tab, it is also changed on the other tab. How can I avoid this?

Thanks for helping me out.
Kind regards,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey Tom!

The read only link isn’t working for me - although my guess is either that your tabs content is in a symbol, or the button itself is actually out of the tabs content.

If you can provide a working read only link, I’m sure I can help out more!

Hi Duncan, it’s on the www.feeting.app/pricing page. Would be cool if you could help me out. There should be different links behind the monthly and yearly “Buy now” button.

Symbol Field? :smiley: you can try~~maybe

I can’t see what the problem is on the live link, unfortunately. Would you be able to send a Webflow read-only link?

Hi @DuncanHamra here’s the read-only webflow link:

Thanks for taking a look at it.

@DuncanHamra, do you think you can find the solution? It would be awesome.

Hi Iny-gu, how did you mean the Symbol Field exactly? Can you explain me more? Thanks!

Video update with a question - TLDR: you may have found a Webflow bug :thinking: