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Different device - different text

hey all -

looking for a solution to a problem for a photography portfolio page – I use a sidebar nav and optimization for smaller devices seems tricky.

1/ is it somehow possible to show different text depending on the device where the website is opened?

2/ can I hide my sidebar nav on smaller devices? I did not find a way to make that happen yet, only with navbars on top of the site

thank you!



You can start up a new photography portfolio website, first all testing, you can see different all devices from Laptop to Mobile Phone and Desktop, screen sizes examples; 320px, 568px, 768px, etc.

If you are looking different navbar, sidebar nav, etc. You can choose.

Yes, font size 14px, 16px or 18px, any.

hi cleison, thank you for your reply! i am afraid that is not what i meant – i was trying to have a different text shown whether the website is opened with a notebook or a tablet or a smartphone for instance. so each of these would have a customized, different text when opening the site with according device. i did not find a way to do that yet. thank you!