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Different design for separate blog posts possible

Hi …

I’m trying to do row of 4 for blog posts… The first one “featured” I need to me different style… Same colours, but much bigger. I attached the screenshot of the design I would like to achieve. Is it possible to do something like that?

Thanks a mullion!

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You could use to collection lists, the first with one item, styled as needed. The second for the balance.

Do you have any video tutorials on that one? I’m new to webflow and a bit confused … Thanks

Should be straight forward using Grid or divs to wrap the Collection Lists.

Create a Collection List to display just the big featured blog by creating a filter to show just the featured blog. Then place the single collection list in your desired area,

Then create a Collection List for the 4 blogs to the right of featured. Filter by displaying blogs 2-5.

Using Grid or a 50% width div will make things easier when you want to adjust the layout for mobile devices.

All other blogs can appear underneath in the usual way using the Collection List

Thanks a million… will try that. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

The only thing… There are goning to be more blog posts in the future… I’ll need everytime to add rows and columns, right?

Is the big post always going to be the latest blog?

Yes the latest always will be the big one

With the CMS, your latest blog will always be #1. So if you create a Collection List and limit it to only show #1 (using the filter) the latest blog will always appear there.

The second Collection List of 4 needs to be filtered to only show #2 - #5. That means this will show the previous 4 old #1’s (now relegated to 2-5).

The third Collection List should start from #6. And will continue to grow, unless you put a limit of say ‘only show 30’.

This way, everytime you upload a new post all the blogs will dynamically shift down a square.

Oh… I see… Thank you so much for such a good support. It really helps. Thanks