Different CMS background images for different break points?


I want to use one image on desktop, and another (portrait) image on phones etc, so I uploaded two pictures in the CMS.

Is there a way to pull one of the images for desktop and the other on mobile using the same div block? So that one of the images is used as the bg on the div block on desktop, and the other on mobile? Or is the only way to make two divs containing each and then hide/show?

Asked like this, yes, but it doesn’t work with CMS images as the binding isn’t part of the Styles panel but the Settings panel, which isn’t affected by responsive rules.

Just lay over 2 divs in your item, you’ll bind one with one image and the other with the second one. You’ll hide one for desktop and reverse it for mobile.

Oh okay.

Yes I figured out you could do it with two divs, but I was just wondering if there was a way around it so that you didn’t have to hide and show.

Thanks anyways!