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Different button settings on CMS

Hi, asking for help, so I’ve created a collection on CMS with reference on it, and set up a button for website, phone and email. The problem is, everytime I try to change the setting on the button, everything is change too.

I want to set up the website button to url, the phone button to phone and the email button to email. is there any way on it? thanks :slight_smile: slight_smile:

In the CMS Collection create a ‘Phone’ field for the phone number, a ‘Link’ field for the website and a ‘Email’ field for the e-mail address.

Then in the ‘Listings’ add the phone number etc. to every row.

Then in the collection list add three link block’s. Within the ‘link block’ add a ‘Text Block’. Then in ‘Element Settings’ connect them to the correct CMS collection field.

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