Different appearance in designer and mobile browser


I have a problem that a list looks correct in designer but not in the mobile browser.

This is how it looks in the designer (the right look):

And this how it looks in the mobile browser:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Idrottsrabatten

Add the url & page-name with this problem? + Add live url (No way to test this on mobile by read-only link).

Here it is: Visby | Idrottsrabatten

@Erik Hej. har du fortfarande problem? När jag testade i min browser fungerar det.

Yes still problem. Im using an iphone and safari.

ok will take a look at it

@Erik Try this in mobile breakpoint

hmm that dont create the look i want:

Ok, but it works. I have seen this behavior when displaying cms data when items are side by side and the hight differs. Try put a div around The logo block and the offers. Now you can try when you know the problem.

Let me know if you find a solution you like or if you need some more help

It is strange because it is only the first row that has the problem.

@Erik did se that your erbjudande 1 class is set to float left. It should not do ant difference but try to remove the float

Changed that and still have the problem, tried in chrome too.

I did have the same problem, did not wanted to spend time on it and did set a min size.
Will investigate my own site and come back to you if i find a solution.

Thanks for all the help!

Pling:) You havent find any solution?

Hi @Erik i have not. Will take a new look at your project and build a mini version for testing Will look at your project and try yo duolicate the problem

I think I solved it. I changed the width from 50% to 49.8% so it may be a bug.

Great, is it working now??

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Yes now it works!!!