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Different allignements for desktop/mobile

Hi folks,

Im in need of help in aligning some elements in different orientations, one way for desktop and another way for mobile, and I really have no idea of how to get the job done… Id like for the desktop and mobile to appear in the way in the images attached, simultaneously.



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Hi Daniel,

It looks like you’ve been able to accomplish the design you want on each level (from the pictures) so I’ll explain an easy-ish way I’d deal with this problem.

First, go to whichever breakpoint is currently set up the way you want it, go to the section and duplicate it (right-click on the element in the designer and hit duplicate).

Second, add a new class to each one, in this case, I’d probably make one “mobile (or tab and down, etc.)” and the other “Desktop”.

Now just go to your desktop breakpoint and hide the one that’s for mobile, then go to your mobile/tab view and hide your desktop one and make the mobile/tab one visible (it’s easiest to do it in this order; since everything flows down from the desktop breakpoint - less back and forth).

Then just edit for each view, and you should be good to go.

Hope that helps!