Difference between Seat function and Editor Function

all we needed was to have the function of two persons Design the site at the same time. Then, we bought the Core Workspace and, last week, the extra seat.

Unfortunately, the extra seat does not work as expected. The extra seat user has the same function as Editors, since all you can do is Edit the website while only one other person is Designing.

I want to know what’s the difference between Edit mode and an extra Seat.

We paid the extra seat expecting that two people could Design at the same time, even if it was to work in separated pages, but it seems not to be possible.

Editor don’t access the designer, they access the editor, which looks like the website with a back-end bottom part. Capabilities: add and manage CMS content, change most of static texts, images and links.

Designer seat: can do everything the Editor can do, but in the Designer. Can also CLAIM the design role: the designer currently with the design role can either refuse, accept. If he does nothing,n the role is granted after 30 seconds.

“Design at the same time”, a.k.a. Page Branching, is currently under testing, but will likely only be available for Enterprise hosting.